Got something to say about animals?

Animals share our lives as companions and in many other ways as well that are less than pleasant if we give it too much thought.

If there are legislative concerns that you feel need greater exposure, or if breed specific bans, horse slaughter or deadly force on family pets trouble you please share petitions that you feel need  support.

Other people feel the same way that you do, we can express our opinions and still be civil.  Many voices can effect positive change.

Hope to hear from you regarding a petition that is of interest!

Oregon SB6 violates civil rights & will eliminate many Rescues 

This is one that blindsided rescue organizations and it's a doozy.  You can read the full implementation of it in the above link and we're hoping that you'll find it as tyrannical as we do.  Can you imagine being subjected to anonymous complaints that would trigger an investigation at any time, without notice, without the burdensome legalities of probably cause, obtaining warrants.  Just someone shows up at your door at 3am wanting to investigate the complaint.  The legislation was drafted by Oregon Humane Society and frankly most rescues are wondering why.

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