Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don't Forget The Veggies!

We've all seen that sad dog, round face look. The look that accuses, that stabs our hearts and immediately instills guilt, massive amounts of guilt. Dogs are masters at it, and I believe Rotts truly known how to hang their heads and make their humans feel shame, when required.

It all started innocently enough. In order not to pack on extra girth and body weight, we would turn to natural foods as treats. Slices of carrots or apple, frozen organic string beans, good healthy things that would still be tasty and crisp to give a dog some pleasure from his treat without eating soy, corn or other things that harm them. These are perfectly healthy and dogs learn to enjoy them, some don't have any learning curve at all!

We eat raw in the morning, raw veggies, raw fruits & raw goat milk with lots of herbs. The dogs would eagerly drink our smoothies, but instead they get their own raw goat milk that turns those black Rotti lips white. They love it and it's wonderful for them.

At night we eat cooked veggies with some type of protein such as grass fed bison, beef or free range chicken. The inside permanent Rotts fully anticipate having their own portion along with their Solid Gold kibble or Honest Kitchen stew.

Again, it was innocent enough in the beginning. We like it healthy, quick, tasty and easy. So veggies have an organic hemp seed oil, organic coconut oil, garlic & lemon sauce. Takes only a few seconds and is zingy and healthy. Started giving the pooches a string bean or two dipped in the sauce. That didn't last long. So, now every night they fully anticipate and expect to have the veggies with THE SAUCE.

Sometimes I don't have the veggies prepared, the garden hasn't cooperated, or it's winter and I have to buy them from 40 miles away. We still give Organic Dog Treats which are very much appreciated, but that's in addition to their dinner vegetables. The treats are considered their dessert!

It's become clear that there is no acceptable excuse for me to forget them, to be tired, to be lazy, to not have an ingredient etc. If there aren't veggies on their nightly menu, they are upset and will show it with that look. It's a look I don't like to see, so I do my best to ensure a steady supply of fresh veggies.

Try it, your pooches will appreciate you and will never give you THAT look, that is unless you run OUT of something or don't feel like preparing it for them. Don't start if you don't want to continue, or you'll have some sad puppy dogs!

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