Monday, September 6, 2010

Two New Faces

Buddy & Chevy joined Happy Tails Rescue yesterday, both came as owner surrenders from the shelter system in Portland, Oregon. What that means to these 16 month old brothers is that a lot has been thrown at them in the last several weeks.

Being scooped up from their multiple dog home including Mama Rotti, adult humans, kid humans and some type of established routine. They next find themselves jailed in tiny, concrete quarters being jabbed, poked, examined and deemed inappropriate for adoption.

Once we agreed to take them, even more is thrown at them, more jabs, more pokes and then neuter surgery, transportation to meet us mid way between Goldendale & Portland. By the time we met them, they were tired, suspicious and not overly thrilled about getting into another vehicle. Why should they, the tiny park over looking the Columbia River had everything a youngster could want. Great other dog smells, a nice view, breezes that kicked up other interesting aromas, lots of shade and we were plying them with plenty of tasty treats to help gain their trust.

Buddy went into the crate nicely probably because he had no idea what it was and he behaved well once inside. Chevy on the other paw, was not overly receptive to much of anything except treats. Whenever possible we prefer the pooch to load up without human assistance. After an hour or so, it became clear that his intentions were different than ours and so he was lifted, while flailing, into the back of the Suburban. Chevy forgave quickly and rested his chin on the back of the seat while he observed everything that was happening.

Numerous errand stops before heading home gave ample time to chat and supply more treats. This was the time to swing open both gates to our kennel area so we could back the Suburban right up to the run these brothers would share. Buddy, again was fine with our requests. Chevy, again wasn't too keen on anything other than observing all the other encouraging Rotti faces and sound effects. After about 1.5 hours of sitting on the back bumper and encouraging, we could see that Chevy was getting exhausted with all of his new experiences and so we gently extracted him. Once out he was more than eager to get in with Buddy.

Both youngsters don't have much life experience and can't even spell manners, but are good dogs. They are handsome, too thin and need to learn about life. This morning for cookie rounds they observed everyone else walk to the kennel gate to accept a nice treat and they imitated their Rotti friends.

Today's Labor day and we are recovering from yesterday's labor. Not to mention the 250 mile round trip the day before to pick up 1,500 lbs of dog food, a most welcome donation. Happy Tails Rotts eat 100-150 lbs daily.

These boys will be looking for permanent homes soon.

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