Saturday, July 13, 2013

Letter From Critter Folks Rescue to Oregon Senators Re: SB6

Oregon Senators: 
I am contacting you in regards to SB6. 
I support the Nays. The incident that led to this bill is unfortunate but, had the local authorities and the OHS own investigators had acted prudentially, the animals would have been rescued from their torture far sooner. 
I offer my own recent (4/2/2013) experience with OHS for my position:
I had a visit from Officer Austin Wallace. I was reported for animal neglect. After 25 years working in rescue, 12 years at my current location, working with no less then 7 veterinarians, 5 vet techs and multiple other reputable non profits, reducing the feral population by utilizing FCCO/Spay Day specials over the last 15 years and helping elderly provide care for their cats, I was reported for animal abuse/neglect. 
I have no idea of the current status of my case. I have not been notified if I have the Sword of Damacles removed yet. What Officer Wallace pointed to as neglect was the cats under the current care for URI with my veterinarians. I provided the name of the clinic and as of 4/18/2013 my vet, Start Street Clinic, has not been contacted to verify the cats in my care. I admit, it will take time for them to find specific cats since I have a second BOOK at their office containing medical records and care of the current cats in my humble sanctuary. 
I am the last stop for severely handicapped cats. They come ONLY from veterinarians (repeated 4 times to Officer Wallace). Any non profit who requests a position to place a cat with me has to still go through a veterinarian and the cat has to be documented handicapped. I have numerous cats that were to be euthanized because of their handicap BUT the veterinarian felt that the cat had a good prognosis for a quality of life.
In one instance a vet tech took the cat after I was contacted and special accommodations were made for the kitty and he now lives with that vet tech, her family and is best friends with the family dog. That is the rare case. The common case is that the cat is euthanized unless I, or another non profit, has room. At this time I have no room and I made that fact clear to Officer Wallace (twice). 
One fact I did not disclose to Officer Wallace is that I have 4 cats that came from OHS via a vet who was instructed to euthanize the cat for convenience sake. One cat had been taken to 2 other vets who refused to euthanize a healthy cat. The cat was at the third vet whose vet tech knew of me. The vet agreed to euthanize the cat and then the vet tech got the cat to me. He was never ill, he was not a problem, he was a being euthanized because of a family dispute and pending divorce. 
My experience with Officer Wallace was one where numerous attempts were made to intimidate me. My degree is in Behavior Science. I am familiar with intimidation techniques. Office Wallace used 4 specific examples in his attempts to cause duress through intimidation and get a false confession/relinquishment of the cats. This is the problem with SB.
OHS has taken the position that they are the law and Senator Courtney has done the abominable - reacted with emotion disregarding the lack of action by his own districts law enforcement. This senator should be out “pink slipping” law enforcement management and officers, demanding why OHS was not doing their self appointed/self regulated job and not targeting legitimate non profits. 
OHS has a great record of dominating small non profits. They do not want to work with us. I started my non profit because of OHS.
They euthanize the severely handicapped, the not so pretty, the not “looked at”, the non social or feral cats. I disagree with OHS position regarding working with small non profits to permanently place cats as do many other small non profits.
I do not get a $164,575.00 salary (per 2011 financials which is an increase of over 24% from 2010) plus $29931.00 other compensations.
I can not afford 2 others with salaries of over $100,000.00. I do not know of any small non profit able to chuck out the money for personal rewards as OHS does. 
Which leads to the licensing and then the random police state we smaller non profits will be exposed to at the whim of OHS and their personal police force. Who will also be acting pn their own behalf with no oversight by any non-judgmental committee. And my taxes also go to pay for it. 
If the current laws were enforced, if Big Brother OHS was required to co-operate and extend assistance to smaller non profits doing the work and care they cannot profit from in both financial gain in donations as a result of sensational publicity and adoption revenues (gross revenues $11,231,795.00, adoptions $ 1,490,644.00 per 2011 financials) and education programs were available such as Dr. Kahl is attempting to establish, we will do far better for the animals then an emotional backlash by some senator. 
I would suggest, since I work a job at $8.95 per hour and I know of no other small non profit making any more then $15.00 per hour - if Sharon Harmon and her 2 other $100,00.00 plus salaried personnel received a pay cut of 75% and that money went to help Dr. Kahl establish an educational program to assist pet owners/non profits shelters, we would not be debating SB6 which will end up in court on legal grounds under constitutional rights of privacy issues, IRS 501C3 concerns/issues, federal laws regarding policing and numerous personal liberty rights. 
Kathy Hoxworth
Critter Folks Rescuing Critters
Kitty’s Gone Green!

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