Friday, July 26, 2013

Satus Pass Mile Marker 28 Fire Continues Headed Toward Bickelton

More photos of Mile Marker 28 Yakima Nation fire in Satus Pass.  There are some evacuations with other levels standing by.

3,500 cars/trucks use Satus pass daily from Toppenish through Goldendale, many of these have taken the alternative route through Bickelton and are causing this tiny town with the oldest Washington Tavern to have a massive traffic jam as the semis try to navigate the narrow streets.


My nick name for Satus Pass has always been Satan's Pass, every flight tire or car problem I've had seems to happen there.  It's one of the worst places for accidents, unmarked curves which catch truckers off guard in the winter and flip their rigs.   Deer charging onto the highway at all times of the day.

Much of the Yakima nation has hundreds of wild horses and horses dumped by folks not able to afford them.  It's not uncommon to see a couple hundred in small herds when you pass through.

More than once I've driven through Satus pass after a small fire has started, it's unpleasant with the trapped sensation in the canyon.

Thanks to all of the firefighters who bear the miserable conditions and environment to save property, lives and help steer the fire.   This one is in very rugged conditions and currently headed East toward the tiny town of Bickelton.

Prayers are likely welcomed.

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