Sunday, November 17, 2013

Teach Your Dog The Leave It Command

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There are many temptations for dogs, from a chicken bone on the street to a baby bottle on the floor to the household cat. The leave it command can help your dog avoid danger or a potentially messy situation.

Sometimes, some dogs are particularly stubborn and will insist on negotiation or campaign contributions before they'll leave something of great value. That's not a problem, just bargain with them. If you want that cooked bone from them and they don't want to LEAVE IT, give them something of greater value, that could be different things to different dogs. Sometimes a ball, sometimes a different type of treat, maybe another command works, like SIT. Anything to disrupt their focus on what they have so you can nab it the second they drop it.

Realistically, not all dogs will always respond to their training, so in those cases, negotiate, you still come out the winner and you've saved your dog from the dangerous object.

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