Friday, January 10, 2014

Help Stop Slaughter Of This Gorgeous Animal

Please help prevent a needless death

Mozart the Alaskan Malamute

Mozart, a 6 year old beloved family Malamute who once had a wonderful life is now facing a death sentence. His life has been documented on YouTube; he is trained, highly responsive and has many behavior skills including walking backward on command. He once found rats in wood pile and played with them rather than attack. Despite two highly qualified rescue offers both including qualified trainers; in one case a Northern Breed rescue and sanctuary, Multnomah County Animal Services in Troutdale Oregon, has stalled in any decision to release him to rescue, and the kennel care technician working for MCAS who evaluated Mozart has recommended euthanasia. No one else believes that is necessary. The two rescues who have offered to take him continue to wait for a response.

The county’s indecision and delays in releasing Mozart to rescue cannot continue. Every concern has been met. Excellent options exist. When humane options exist it is unconscionable to kill an animal. Mozart has been held at MCAS in stressful solitary confinement since November 29, 2013 deprived of exercise and socialization after he was released to be killed by an adopter who did not follow the adoption terms. The brief term adopters were repeatedly advised that Mozart was a wonderful dog but his stressors were food guarding and head patting. The advice was completely ignored. As a result Mozart bit the hand of one of the new owners after the second pat to his head. It required several stitches. Mozart’s life long owner has contested the county’s ownership of Mozart and wants humane options for Mozart. There has been no response.

Please help prevent this needless killing. Write the Multnomah County Commission and ask that Mozart be allowed to go to a rescue.

Contact information:

Multnomah County Chair: Marissa Madrigal


Telephone: 503.988.3308

Commissioner Liesel Wendt, District 1


Telephone: 503.988.5220

Commissioner Loretta Smith, District 2


Telephone: 503.988.5219

Commissioner Judy Shiprack, District 3


Telephone: 503.988.5217

Commissioner Diane McKeel, District 4


Telephone: 503.988.5213

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