Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hold Shelters Accountable

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Subject: RE: Greenhill Humane Society REFUSING to release VERY friendly, nice, Rottweiler to highly qualified Rottweiler Rescue -

If these accounts have validity and there are rescuers ready, willing and able to take on these dogs, then I am becoming increasingly disappointed with Greenhill and concerned that something seriously amiss is going on out there.

 Why is there this upsurge in euthanasia? And why has Greenhill eliminated the successful and considerate policy of LCAS to issue “Red Alerts” which indicated that unless adopters and rescuers were to step up, a euthanasia is imminent or increasingly likely? That “Red Alert” policy gave these rescue operations notice that they could rally to save these dogs. Now Greenhill says they do not wish to issue these because they will be bad for ‘public relations’? This is troubling.

I rarely weigh in and comment on these matters, but this is beginning to appear as if there is potential malfeasance and neglect. If that is the case, it is unacceptable.

NOTE:    Scott is part of the list.  He sits on the Animal Services Advisory Committee for the County.  He is one of the two or three good guys on that committee. 

Shelters will keep moving the bar and not publish their criteria for Rescues, when one hurdle is met, another is presented, until finally they sadly say that no rescue could be found so better dead than rescued...

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