Thursday, July 11, 2013

Contact Information To Voice Opposition Oregon SB6

. Its not over yet.
Oregonian: July 09, 2013 2013: SB 6 
"... Stiffer penalties were enacted for cases of animal cruelty and hoarding. And you can still legally feed raccoons. "    They forgot to mention that passage of this bill allows warrantless searches 24/7.   The Oregonian somehow manages to neglect posing a broad spectrum of information, they are stuck in the politically correct mode of not rocking the dominant powers that be.  
The Oregon Governor has not yet signed the bill and the battle has just begun, already some rescues are closing in response to this intended tyranny.  What will happen to those animals?
Killed as usual at shelters?  They sure will not have as many rescue options?
Does the public even realize this yet?  Do they even know?
If you care, will you share?  Please read the petition information on this site re SB6.

Kitzhaber's site:

Letters to the Oregonian:
Commentary 500 words
Commentary Editor Liz Dahl 503.221.8460
Sherwood Gazette
The Wilsonville Spokesman
There are a lot of animals lives at stake.    

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