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Fukushima and The Global Police State

Fukushima & The Global Police State

I wrote about Fukushima back in 2011, when the crisis first erupted. I knew it was real serious from the very first day and I said so. I wrote about the evacuation of Tokyo and I believe there were people who thought I had a screw loose

 But the news out of Japan just gets worse and worse. We have an enormous problem. The radioactive contamination problem at the melted down and exploded nuclear power reactors at Fukushima is so bad that it may exterminate a great deal of the biological life on this planet, including the human race. At the very least we may well be facing an evacuation of a large part of Japan and a sterilized, dead, Pacific Ocean, devoid of fish, whales, crabs, oysters, plankton, squid, porpoises, etc.

It may be that in the near future the evacuation of the human population of Japan and the sterilization of most life in the Pacific Ocean represent the "best case scenario." There are other possible scenarios that are far grimmer.

I don't know why anyone who is thinking clearly about their future life prospects would choose to live in Baja California. I have looked at the radiation dispersion patterns and it looks like that region of North America takes a real direct hit. The radioactivity comes right across the Pacific from Fukushima and WHAMMO !!

And here's the crucial point: it will not stop coming.

Actually, you could pretty well extend that analysis to the whole of North America, especially, but not only, to the western coastal region

Fukushima operator pleads for international help as radiation crisis deepens

Anyway, the company that (mis)manages the melted down and exploded nuclear reactor catastrophe at Fukushima, TEPCO, is now asking for international assistance to contain the incipient apocalypse. Good luck with that !!

What is USSA president, barack obama, going to do ?

Will he send FEMA over to Japan to straighten it all out ?

Most of my readers are in the USSA, and so you know the track record of the USSA federal agencies in dealing with emergencies and crisis situations. Exhibit A; Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. Need I say more?

You are on your own and always have been. That is the stark truth. There is no magical safety net to catch you. There is no Big Daddy "Uncle Sam" who is going to come rescue you or me. Nope, on the contrary, you had best look to your own salvation, because Fukushima is a total game changer, and whatever plans you had for the rest of your life, you had better adjust your perspective accordingly, because we are in completely uncharted waters and will remain there from now on. Always and forever.

So I intend to remain in South America, though even here it may be just a question of time until the radioactivity also reaches fatal levels. The situation is just that serious. We may have already killed the planet, and ourselves. Maybe our collective death throes are all that remains of the time we have left.

I don't know what more to say about it than that.

The USSA Police State

I have also warned of this repeatedly:

Daniel Ellsberg: US on Verge of Becoming Police State Under Obama

I asked ayahuasca more than one and a half years ago to show me the future and that is what it showed me: a police state, an iron-fisted dictatorship, with an all-encompassing sort of ethereal, overhead control grid to impose full-spectrum control and domination of human thought, emotion and behavior.

A red-white-and-blue, totalitarian hell -- all wrapped up in the stars and stripes and the pledge of allegiance to the flag and to the republik for which it stands. Yadayadayada. Along with American Idol reruns and a nice, aspartame sweetened slice of apple pie. You do love 'Merika, dontcha ?

And I don't know what more to say about that, either. Either you see the police state clamping down or you don't. Either you recognize red-white-and-blue dictatorship, or you don't.

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch ...

Are we coming up on an important stellar event in the near future? I hadn't been thinking about that, but the galaxy is a huge and ancient place, so who knows? For years I have been following the crop circles that have been laid down in the fields of the English countryside every spring and summer. It is clear that whatever intelligence is behind them has a wealth of astronomical knowledge and is communicating a great deal of information through the crop formations. So what does the most recent crop circle mean? I don't pretend to know, but Dr. Horace R. Drew, at Crop Circle Connector, has analyzed the formation and feels that it could be pointing to a major astronomical event in the relatively near term. So we shall see what happens.

In that vein, here's a little something from the MIT Muses, circa 1997.

Mica, Mica, parva stella;
Miror quaenam sis tam bella.
Splendens eminus in illo,
Alba velut gemma caelo.

Quando fervens sol discessit,
Nec calore prata pascit,
Mox ostendis lumen purum,
Micans, micans per obscurum.

Tibi, noctu qui vagatur,
Ob scintillulam gratatur;
Ni mica res, tu non sciret,
Quas per vias errans iret.

Meum saepe thalamum luce,
Specularis curiosa;
Neque carpseris soporem,
Donec venit sol per auram.

Mica, Mica, parva stella;
Miror quaenam sis tam bella.

My Current Situation

Thankfully, some of my readers have been generously supportive in my present, difficult circumstances and I am very grateful to them. While some have responded. the vast majority have not, and I understand that. Times are tough, people have their own lives with other obligations and priorities, and many people are very hard up against it financially.

Alas, every time my attorneys do something I have to pay them. They don't work for free, not even in Ecuador and I have retained one of the better known law firms in Quito.

 Of course, my attorneys are in Quito, because I was hospitalized and bed ridden for more than three months in Quito. I was physically unable to leave the hospital and walk around town to interview attorneys, though I wanted to and needed to, and was fervently wishing that I could, all the while inwardly bemoaning the fact that I could not.

 But none of that mattered; they came to my ward unannounced one day to represent another patient directly across the corridor from my room, and so I retained them then, seeing as they were the only legal counsel in Quito that the Universe sent my way, literally to my door, as improbable and completely unexpected as their appearance was.

To successfully prosecute the case all the way up until incarceration of my assailant will cost several thousand dollars more in fixed fees, as well as my attorneys' incidental fees along the way -- per diem, travel, food, lodging, investigative expenses, taxis, copies, phone calls, etc. & etc. Every time we have to travel from Quito over to the Amazon it costs. It is an unusual case, even a bit complex, but it is moving forward, probably to trial before Christmas.

Many people want more detail on the case and I cannot provide that, on the advice of my attorneys who do not want to unduly prejudice the proceedings. But it does appear that in the coming months I will speak and write much more openly on the matter, assuming that we are not all in a mad scramble to preserve life and limb, in the event that Fukushima blows sky high, and throws the whole planet into a frenzied, radioactive tizzy.

The long and the short of it is that the venerable, ancient tradition of shamanism unfortunately has a dark side to it, and sad to say there are real brujos, or shamans who misrepresent themselves and degrade the shamanic path, to the extent of abusing people who come to them in search of more awareness or spiritual communication with the natural world.

 This was not the plan I had for my life in 2013, but it is what it is. Perhaps Pachamama has some work for me to do in South America. It appears that very few people are willing to do Her hard and dirty work, and so I am entertaining the possibility that she has personally tasked me with certain distasteful duties by default. Not because I am better than others, or more able, but simply because I came into her realm and did not refuse the work. Many thousands come to South America to drink a little ayahuasca, or maybe even malicagua, or to smoke a little San Pedro cactus, and then they jet back to Soho, or Berkeley, or Berlin or Paris or Des Moines, or… well, you get the idea.

 They come to see inward sparkles, ride a river raft, photograph Machu Picchu, and that's it. For many of them South America is like an exotic carnival ride. Not to say that that is inherently bad or wrong, but it doesn't necessarily address other issues that are confronting us all, inwardly and outwardly, me no less than you or anyone else.

Amazonian ecology is vital, deeply crucial to this planet, and that includes the human ecological component, as well. Ideally, a deeply spiritual shamanism that works in harmony with humankind and Nature, and fosters profound mental, physical, emotional and spiritual integration can heal not only the ills of the Amazon region, but of humanity and the Earth, as a whole.

Sadly that isn't happening, it just isn't. Instead there are a lot of charlatans, and I mean a lot more than just one or two, who are not interested in pursuing the common good, or the good of the Earth. That is not even on their mental horizon. What an awful lot of them are seeking is petty, self-serving, personal power over others, or money, or ignorant exploitation of those who come to them.

My current living arrangement is a small, spartan, hostel room that costs me about $8 per night. There are places that cost less, but you wouldn't want to live there and neither do I. I take my meals in the local restaurants that usually cost $1.75 for a simple breakfast and $2 for lunch. I shop in the local markets for things like roasted peanuts, almonds, prunes, oat meal, heads of broccoli (which I eat raw, because I have no kitchen), tangerines, aloe vera leaves, the pulp of which I also eat raw, raw alfalfa juice, coconut juice, fresh carrot juice, etc. I still walk with crutches and continue to receive therapy. That is my life. Pretty stripped down and basic.

I appreciate your generosity in aiding my ongoing struggle for justice in the Amazon. Donations are not tax deductible or refundable. They go for my legal expenses in Ecuador, to bring my assailants to justice at the earliest possible time, and also to assist with my basic living expenses. Won't you please be generous! Contact me at or Skype me at richard.sauder333 (I am not a Free Mason.)

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