Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Cooked Shelter Kill Statistics

:"The five shelters listed above are all members of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP), a group of ten organizations dedicated to ending the euthanasia of social, healthy, and treatable cats and dogs in our local shelters by collaborating on spay/neuter programs, educational and outreach efforts, and the promotion of humane alternatives for feral cats. By working together, ASAP partners have ensured that no healthy, adoptable cat or dog has been euthanized in our local shelters since 2010. And most cats and dogs with treatable health or behavioral problems are also being saved (so far, none have been euthanized in 2013).<>"
To: The membership of ASAP
The statement prominently featured on ASAP's website and noted above is categorically false ( as also was the earlier claim that no healthy animals had been euthanized in two years in the metro area).  ASAP has an absolute duty to verify all of its claims and a due diligence responsibility that should be taken seriously or else animals die needlessly, buried under false categorizations. ( Why for example do you accept and endorse as a diagnostic/prognostic categorization: "unhealthy/untreatable" for a dog that has killed a cat or has a minor bite history when  the former is prey drive ( killing a cat) and for the latter simple  prevention  and training ?
The Asilomar  categories mean whatever ASAP  members want them to mean  in order to win a prize. Routine diagnostic/prognostic mis-classifications are also evident in public records. Shouldn't that matter to a coalition of professionals dedicated to saving lives?
What fact checking methods do you utilize? For example, I have continuous public intake records from MCAS for the current year ( 2013) and also for a decade previous and I assure you many dogs and cats with treatable conditions are being killed this year. 
Would you like to review those records?
What forms of  accountability do you use?  "Because I said so" as a collegial intra group response is not enough. It betrays the public and this community 's homeless animals.  
Gail O'Connell-Babcock, PhD
Citizens for Humane Animal Legislation/Watchdog
Sherwood Oregon 97140
Telephone: 503.625.4563

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