Friday, August 2, 2013

Satus Pass Mile Marker 28 Fire Grows But Is Also 65% Contained


 At one point, firefighters temporarily disengage due to a lack of visibility while working in the drainage. Once visibility increased, firefighter continued suppression activities. Several interior areas of unburned fuel will continue to be consumed and fire officials have indicated that smoke will likely continue to be present from the interior of the fire throughout the summer. Fire crews continue to work extensively with the local resource advisors minimizing the impacts of the fire and suppression activities.

The Mile Marker 28 Fire is located 15 miles northeast of Goldendale, Washington along Highway 97. The fire continues to burn in grasslands, shrub brush, timber, and timber litter. Resources from several states are working on the Mile Maker 28 Fire.

Welcome moisture brought some nickle size hail shown in the photo.

ACRES  26,793

Crews will spend another day working on the fire perimeter, reinforcing the fireline and completing mop-up operations. Firefighters continue to experience difficulty in completing line construction along the western boundary within the Satus Creek drainage.

However, the weather forecast today is favorable with winds changing back around from the west and southwest which should help push the fire back into the interior of the fire. The challenging topography and erratic winds increased fire activity making it difficult for firefighters to construct line.
Challenges on the Mile Marker 28 Fire include warm weather conditions, potential for dehydration, increased traffic on many roads, and the steep, rugged terrain. Only minor injuries related to the heat have occurred on the Mile Marker 28 Fire.
 Four two-person teams of firefighters using hand held infrared devices will be walking the perimeter of the fire during night shifts identifying hot spots and directing mop-up crews to extinguish those areas.

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